Let’s play a game: Identify the object in the photo below.

If you answered a duffel bag, you’re right. But to the military family, it’s more specifically, a sea bag. When the sea bag gets packed, it can only mean one thing–time to leave home. The Meat-eating Military Man is away for a short while.


Before he left, we finished Season 1 of Mad Men. Yes, we are very behind. Having admittedly addictive personalities, we resisted getting hooked on a TV series.

Ultimately, the intrigue of the show’s time period and my curiosity in the show’s advertising component (I used to work in marketing) made us succumb. Now, we go on Mad Men binges. We watch an entire disc (3-4 episodes) in one sitting before quickly putting it back in the mail so that Netflix will send us the next DVD pronto. We have never been so obsessed with watching the discs as soon as they arrive. I told you, we have addictive personalities.

Season 2 was next in our DVD queue, but the Meat-eating Military Man asked if I would wait to watch it until he returned.

I said, yes. This hurt my Donald Draper-loving heart.

So you can add having to push pause on parts of life–like Mad Men–to the Military Spouse’s (long) list of duties. ;)

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  1. We do the same thing with Dexter!!

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