I caught some more sentimental military news today and wanted to share! It’s always nice to see the more human side to all the higher-level news stories we read.

First, for the more lighthearted: Prince Harry is on our side of the U.S. of A. for some Apache helicopter training. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it to our house for a vegetarian meal… This is another edition of, “Royals: They’re Just Like Us.;)

For the more sentimental:

1. Via MSNBCSoldier surprises daughter at spelling bee

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It brings me to tears when I see kids at homecoming who are so overcome with emotion that all they can do is cry. It’s so raw. Deployments are difficult, y’all (I lived in the South for 8 months, so I can say this, haha) and homecomings are just a roller coaster of emotion!

2. Via The Washington Post: Love for wounded soldier upon return from Afghanistan 

You have to read this. It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

The Meat-eating Military Man and I have been blessed with a safe deployment and time overall so far in the military. So I can’t imagine having to worry about a soldier on the ground and living with the very real consequences of war. My hat goes off to those who do.

But I couldn’t help but smile when I read the young woman’s story about falling for a man in uniform when you never predicted you would — especially the part about meeting him through your college roommate. I met the Meat-eating Military Man because my college roommate was dating her man in uniform at the time. She never predicted she would marry a military man, but who knew she’d bring me on that path with her! (Thanks, roommate, for being the connection to the Meat-eating Military Man and for the article. :) )

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