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Grilled Corn In Husk

Today, we’re diving deep into the world of Grilled Corn In Husk. Trust me, there’s no cornfusion here – just pure, unadulterated corny goodness waiting to tickle your taste buds! So grab your aprons and let’s embark on this flavorful journey together.

grilled corn in husk

How to Make Grilled Corn In Husk

Alright, let’s cut to the chase – how the heck do you make this corny delight? Well, it’s a breeze, my friends!

  1. Shuck and Awe: Start by peeling back the husks, but don’t fully remove them. Leave a little husky hat for the corn. It’s like a corny fashion statement!
  2. Silk Sleuthing: Remove those pesky silk threads. Nobody likes a clingy cob, am I right?
  3. Butter Boogie: Slather that cob with butter, sprinkle some salt, and maybe a dash of pepper. Get creative – it’s your corn canvas!
  4. Husk Huddle: Pull the husks back up, wrap it tight like a corny burrito, and secure it with a piece of twine. We’re getting our corn ready for the grill fiesta!
  5. Grill Grandeur: Toss those corn bundles onto a preheated grill for about 20-25 minutes. Turn them occasionally – we want an even tan on our corn, not a sunburn!

Voila! You’ve just crafted a symphony of flavor that will make your taste buds do the salsa!

How to Choose the Freshest Corn

Now, let’s talk corn selection. You don’t want a sad, limp cob ruining your BBQ vibes, do you? When picking corn, go for those with fresh, green husks and golden, plump kernels. Give it a gentle squeeze – you want a cob that feels firm and resilient, not mushy like a day-old sandwich. Remember, freshness is the name of the game!

grilled corn in husk recipe

To Soak or Not to Soak

Ah, the age-old question – to soak or not to soak? Some folks swear by a pre-grill corn bath, claiming it adds moisture and prevents those cobs from turning into corny charred sticks. Others skip the soak, believing in the power of the husk to keep things juicy.

Here’s my take: I’m team no-soak. Why? Because I like my corn with a bit of a crunch! But hey, feel free to experiment. It’s your corn adventure, after all.

Tips for Grilling Corn

Now, let’s sprinkle some corny wisdom on the grilling process:

  • Husk Hygiene: Make sure to remove all the silk. Nobody likes surprise silk in their teeth – it’s like dental floss, but less fun.
  • Butter Bliss: Don’t be shy with the butter. Corn and butter are a match made in foodie heaven. Embrace the buttery bliss!
  • Flipping Finesse: Rotate those cobs while grilling for an even char. We want our corn to be the Beyoncé of the BBQ – flawless!

What to Serve

Grilled corn is fantastic on its own, but why not take it to the next level with some corny companions?

  • Salsa Swagger: Top your corn with a zesty salsa for a flavor fiesta. It’s like a dance party in your mouth!
  • Cheese Charm: Sprinkle some grated cheese for that extra cheesy goodness. Because let’s face it, cheese makes everything better.
  • Herb Havoc: Chop up some fresh herbs – cilantro, chives, or parsley – and sprinkle them over your corn for a burst of freshness.

grilled corn in husk temperature

Overall, making Grilled Corn In Husk is a corny adventure worth taking. It’s like a flavor rollercoaster for your taste buds, and the best part is, you’re the conductor of this corny symphony!

Finally, to all you corn enthusiasts out there, thanks a bunch for joining me on this corny journey. Remember, life is short – eat more corn and make it a-maize-ing! Until next time, stay corny, my friends.

Grilled Corn In Husk

Elevate your grilling game with our mouthwatering Grilled Corn In Husk recipe. Get ready for an explosion of flavor at your next BBQ!

Course Side Dish
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Servings 6


  • 6 fresh corn on the cob
  • 1 cup unsalted butter softened
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Fresh herbs optional for garnish


Preparing the Corny Canvases

  1. Shuck and Awe: Peel back the husks of each corn cob, leaving them attached at the base. Remove the silk threads and give the cobs a gentle shake to free any lingering silk.
  2. Butter Boogie: Using a basting brush, generously slather each corn cob with softened butter. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Get creative – this is your corn canvas!
  3. Husk Huddle: Pull the husks back up around the corn, wrapping them tightly like a burrito. Secure each husk with a piece of twine, creating neat little corny packages.

Grill Grandeur

  1. Preheat the Grill: Fire up your grill to medium-high heat. We're getting it ready for a corny fiesta!
  2. Corn Cabaret: Place your corn bundles directly on the grill grates. Close the lid and let the magic happen. Grill for about 10-15 minutes, turning occasionally to ensure an even char.
  3. Check for Corn Perfection: After 20-25 minutes, your corn should be golden brown and bursting with flavor. Give it a gentle squeeze – it should be firm yet yielding.
  4. Unleash the Corny Goodness: Remove the corn from the grill and let it cool for a minute or two. Carefully unwrap those husks, revealing the corny masterpiece within.
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