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Sous Vide Filet Mignon Recipe

Filet mignons are steaks cut from the tenderloin. It’s very low in fat and has to be cooked carefully to protect its flavor and texture. That’s why this sous vide filet mignon recipe will be your go-to method for cooking the best steak you’ve ever had.

sous vide filet mignon

Cooking a filet mignon has been a challenge for me. I always tend to overcook it, making it tough and dry, which is almost sacrilege with this fine cut of meat. I’ve always been looking for a fool-proof method for getting steak perfect.

Sous vide is the best method, in my opinion.

The very first time I tried cooking a filet mignon using a sous vide immersion circulator, it was a success. The method is very simple, as long as you get a good seal on the bag and let it cook for the recommended time at the recommended temperature.

I had viewed a few cooking shows where the chef use specialized equipment to sous vide. I thought I couldn’t afford that level of equipment. But, a few online queries and some Youtube videos showed me that you don’t need high-end equipment to get the meat perfect.

Salt, pepper, steak seasoning, rosemary, and thyme are all you need to make a tender, perfectly cooked, sous vide steak that your family and friends will rave about.

sous vide plastic bags

What Makes a Good Filet Mignon Recipe

When you go to the grocery to buy filet mignon, you have a few options. You could buy the whole beef tenderloin and cut the steaks yourself. You can buy the steaks already cut. These two options are the best choices.

Sometimes, though, you may find the filet mignon pre-packaged in hard plastic shells. The store receives these steaks from distributors, instead of cutting them onsite. Avoid these pre-packaged steaks if possible. They are often thawed from frozen and can contain saline solutions to enhance their color and preserve them longer.

sous vide filet mignon temp

Look for steaks that are uniformly dark pink or red. Don’t buy steaks that have graying areas. That is a sign the meat is close to turning.

How you cook the steak is as important as the steak itself. Because it has very little fat, it’s important to not overcook the meat. It can become tough and dry. Any recipe for filet mignon should preserve the meat’s juiciness and flavor. Grilling, smoking, pan searing, and quick broils are common options, though sous vide is quickly becoming a favorite.

A filet mignon is best cooked rare or medium rare. With sous vide, it’s possible to cook it to a higher level of doneness, but it must be done with great care.

sous vide filet mignon temp

Sous Vide Filet Mignon

Tender and juicy sous vide filet mignon recipe.

Course Main Course
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Servings 2


  • 2 pieces Filet Mignon Steaks (6 ounces)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Steak Seasoning (Your choice)
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme


  1. Prepare the water bath for the sous vide, using your immersion circulator. Raise the temperature in the water bath to 130°F.

  2. Season the filet mignon steaks with salt and pepper to taste.

  3. Place the seasoned steak into a zipper bag, adding the rosemary and thyme on top of the meat.

  4. Seal the bag using the immersion method.

  5. Place bag in water bath. Cook for 1 hour at 130F for medium rare.

  6. Once meat is done, remove from cooker and take meat out of the bag.

  7. Pat meat dry using a kitchen towel.

  8. Drizzle olive oil over meat and season steak seasoning.

  9. Pan fry for 1 minute on each side, to add color and sear to the meat.

  10. Serve immediately.

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